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I know your thinking .. ejuice and decals? Doesnt make any sense! But let us explain ... one f the biggest cost and time expenses in the ejuice industry, is thats right ... labelling. Sending images off to get ok'd, sent back for repair to sort of speak, sent back for verification again and then back to the juice company to ok them, then printing them, then shipping them and then BINGO   !!!!!  An error ..... sooooooooo ... Rachael Smith (RMS PRINTING & DECALS) and myself Fat Frank (Eric Robichaud) have been friends for YEARS and decided one day, hey, we are together so much between cars and truck sales, ejuice business of labels and advertising etc .. and Fat Franks had alot of square footage left, why dont we do it all under one roof !?!?!?  PERFECT! It gives us so much power to do what we want now, its n'credible ! Anyways, dont want to waste your time with small details ... if there is anything else you need to know, please get ahold of us, we would be happy to help you !

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RTM - 2019 - Rachaels Printing & Fat Franks Custom Ejuices Ltd.

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RTM - 2019 - Rachaels Printing & Fat Franks Custom Ejuices Ltd.

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